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    15.12.2005   Etienne Bacrot: I don’t want my son to play chess

    This 23 years old guy tries not to be separate from the crowd. He is always very shy and thoughtful. Always, but at the chess board you shouldn’t wait for a mercy from him. And when you look how Bacrot without any effects beat strong players, it seems to you that he doesn’t have any weaknesses.

    – Have you ever been here before? What are your impressions?

    EB: It is my first time here in Khanty-Mansiysk. I like the opening ceremony, a playing hall and the city. The only bad thing is that I have had no opportunity to see the city…

    – How do you evaluate performance here?

    EB: I had to play two tie-breaks against Sutovsky and my friend Lautier. The World Cup is the tournament where there are no extra games, so you have to win all the time, I am lucky to stay here so long.

    – It seems that sometimes you are not playing 100% strength, but you are still winning…

    EB: It is a false impression. I do my best in every game. Just after the first game against Aronian I read at one of French websites, that my opponent had a strong strategy and didn’t allow me to have an initiative.

    – How can you characterize your style?

    EB: I don’t think that I have a special style. I didn’t have any idols in my childhood, I just tried to find a strong move in all positions, and do my best…

    – Are you surprised by the composition of the quarterfinal? You are all four 22-23 years old!

    EB: I don’t see anything surprising in it. It is very rarely when simple players go through. All opponents are very strong: Aronian, Grischuk, and Ponomariov – we have known each other since we were 10 years old; we always participated for some titles. We are all doing our best to win – it won’t be an easy fight!
    It is interesting that we didn’t met last year, and last 5 years we didn’t met very often. I hope we will meet often in future.

    – What are your nearest plans?

    EB: I am going to play in Wijk-aan-Zee, Linares and probably in Sofia. I have intensive schedule.

    – Do you have hobby? What do you do in your spare time?

    EB: Playing chess needs a lot of work at home, so I work a lot. But I am not keen on chess; I like to play poker, for example. I try to spend more time with my family. I have a son, and he is 15 months old.

    – How do you entertain yourself during the tournament? How do you relax?

    EB: Sometimes I play big tennis. Most of all I like to watch DVDs. I took 70 movies to Khanty-Mansiysk, so I watch them.

    – How much time do you spend on chess every day?

    EB: It depends on… I am a professional. If I don’t need to participate anywhere, I spend 6-7 hours. When I am preparing for the tournament, I spend much more. And I don’t always have an opportunity to work with my trainer. He lives in Cannes now, it is so uncomfortable...

    – You talked about Dorfman. Besides him you worked with Nikitin and Azmaiparashvili… Do you consider yourself a soviet school representative?

    EB: Yes, of course. I don’t have any doubts about that. Maybe there will be a French chess school in future, but now it is early to talk about that…

    – You started to win in the tournaments at rather young age, for example at French championships. Have you ever thought why you became a professional chess player so early?

    EB: I don’t think I had any revolutionary progresses, my development was stable. This year I won a Super Tournament in Poikovskiy. I will do my best to win it ones more in next year.

    – Do you want your son to become a chess professional?

    EB: I think no. First of all, I am a professional and I don’t want him to beat me one time in future. Second, I think that in 20 years computers will be very strong in chess and pe-ople will give up playing against them. Maybe, chess will become a scientific hobby. But we can resist them at the moment.

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