World Chess Cup 2005
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    23.11.2005   Regulations

    Updated November 23

    Download Regulations for the 2005-2007 World Chess Championship Cycle:


    List of average ratings for July 2004 - January 2005

    Rules & regulations for the Candidates Matches of the World Chess Championship 2007

    22.11.2005   Schedule of the World Chess Cup


    17.11.2005   How to receive Visa

    The people coming from visa countries must receive visa to enter the Russian Federation. Visa is granted in Consulate department or in Russian Consulate. It is necessary to have the invitation from the organizer registered in Department for Consular Service of Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. You should fill the form F1 to get such an invitation.
    Applications should be submitted via e-mail until 15.11.2005. Please, state necessarily your e-mail address or fax number to which the invitation should be sent.
    After receiving the invitation you can apply for the visa to any of the Russian Embassies, General Consulates in any country which is the member Federations of FIDE.

    Download a list of Embassies and Consulates of the Russian Federation    Read more...

    24.10.2005   Information on transportation

    The Organizing Committee has booked seats for the morning (# 353, departure 10.15 am (GMT+3) and evening flights (# 351 departure 8.05 pm (GMT+3) Moscow - Khanty-Mansiysk on 25 November and for the morning flight Moscow-Khanty-Mansiysk on 26 November. A list of all the participants will be submitted to the booking offices of the Vnukovo airport. Upon arrival in Moscow you can buy tickets in the addresses listed in the attached files.

    Entries on tickets booking including date and flight number should be sent to the Organizing Committee to Please download full details in Russian (MS Word)

    Please download full details in English (MS Word)

    14.10.2005   Accreditation Forms for Media

    Download accreditation forms for Media:

    Russian Media
    Foreign Media

    MS Word Format
    Russian Media
    Foreign Media

    13.10.2005   Accommodation

    Participants of the competition will be accommodated in the Wellness Hotel Centre “Ugorskaya Dolina”.
    This modern hotel complex is situated in the suburb on the bank of the river Gornaya (a confluent of the river Irtysh), 1.5 km. away from the airport, 15 min. away from the town centre. Beginning with the year 2005 the hotel complex works as a “Wellness-Hotel”, proposing to the guests and citizens of the town unique services based on the natural Siberian components and thermal water for revival and health promotion.

    Download entry for lodging reservation


    13.10.2005   Venue – Art Centre for talented Children of the North

    In the Art Centre there are four choreographic halls, a concert hall for 600 persons and small hall for 200 persons, gym (600 sq.m), library (33 thousands exemplars), art workshops (ceramic workshop, joinery, tailor shop, laser station).


    13.10.2005   Organizing Committee of World Chess Cup


    13.10.2005   Contacts


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