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    24.10.2005   World Cup Undertaking and Updated Regulations

    The major updates include:

    a) The 8-player World Chess Championship Tournament is established as the final stage of the World Championship cycle. The event will include the reigning World Champion, the players placed 2-4 in San Luis and 4 qualifiers from the Candidate Matches.

    b) The Last Chance Super Tournament has been removed from the World Championship cycle. Instead, the Candidate Matches include 16 players: 10 qualifiers from the World Cup, 5 players by rating and GM Rustam Kasimjanov as the previous World Champion.

    c) FIDE is examining the possibility of interim World Championship matches for the title of World Champion under certain conditions.

    d) The structure of the prize fund for the World Cup 2005 has been slighty altered. The total amount remains the same: 1,572,000 USD.

    e) Due to lack of time this year between the World Junior U20 Championship and the World Cup, the 2005 World Junior U20 Champion is seeded directly in the next World Cup of the 2007-2009 cycle.

    The participants and the reserve players of the World Cup 2005 are requested to send to the FIDE Secretariat the respective Player's Undertaking signed by the deadline of 31 October.

    Released by the FIDE Secretariat
    Athens, 24 October 2005

    Download Regulations for the World Championship Cycle 2005-07 in pdf format.

    Download Player`s Undertaking for the World Cup 2005 in pdf format.

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