World Chess Cup 2005
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    27.11.2005   Opening Ceremony Photo Report

    This Art Centre will be the chess capital for the next three weeks
    The huge scene can easily seat 128 players And there will be even more spectators!
    The last arrangements are made The arbiters are consulting each other...
    The chess pieces are being set up... Everything`s beautuful
    The guests are presented with an offering of bread nad salt
    Bulat Asanov is enjoying the fruits of siberian hospitality Chinise delegation is the largest in number after Russian
    FIDE President and the governor of the krai have arrived into the airport almost simultanneously: 1st came from Elista, the other from Krasnoyarsk
    While Kirsan Ilyumzhinov was in the airport... There was a player
    Georgios Makropoulos, Alexander Filipenko and Kirsan Ilyumzhinov The last formalities of the regulations are being confirmed
    On both sides of the barricades: the players... And the organizers of the World Cup
    Krasenkow, Shirov and Kamsky could meet only in Khanty-Mansiysk! The governor and the president are delighted. Everything is great
    The numerous participants are delighted too The rank of the World Cup is stronger then World Championship in Tripoli This is not a UFO, this is a local theatre, where the opening ceremony took place Greetings from the twice President Greetings from the governor of Khanty-mansiysk autonomous region
    The piano duet of the white queen and the black king The dance of the little swans...
    Nutcracker... And a symphony orchestra of the local Art Centre pupils
    Kirsan Nikolaevich is cutting the cake presented to him by Alexander Vasilievich in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the FIDE presidency!

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