World Chess Cup 2005
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    13.12.2005   Zurab Azmaiparashvili: Georgia will always be in top ten in chess

    This vivid Georgian man in his best age always participates the most important tournaments held all over the world. And he is always at the different sides of a barricade. When at the chess board he is a strong chess player, and a leader of Georgian team. When not then he can be a Vice-president of FIDE and also a trainer whose pupils reached great success! Aizmaiparashvili became a first sensation here in Khanty-Mansiysk losing to a 14 years old at that moment Magnus Carlsen in the first round. That question was the first in the press-conference…


    13.12.2005   Round 6. Game 1. Photo report

    Please find the pictures form the first day of the 6th round.    Read more...

    12.12.2005   Evgeniy Najer: Fighting back is my cup of tea

    Despite the interest to Kamsky and Carlsen, a Moscow player Evgeniy Najer can be considered not less sensational person at this tournament in Khanty-Mansiysk. He won one of the favorites - Mamedyarov, and only in a final game lost to experienced Lautier. Did Evgeniy get sad? No, now he has some time to prepare to the Super Final of the Russian Championship in spite of other Russians who got to the 4th round and would have only a day off between two sports - competition days.


    12.12.2005   Antoaneta Stefanova: I am trying not to forget that I am a woman

    The press conference of the acting World champion beat all records by attendance. All journalists’ chairs were busy, and they almost wrested the microphone. There is an interesting side – questions were asked mainly by women, - it was like they didn’t trust what male chess players said, and only Antoaneta could give them a true answer. A Bulgarian player made one more surprise, she refused to use an interpreter and spoke Russian, and usually she speaks English…


    12.12.2005   Ruslan Ponomariov: Losing a crown you don’t lose your life

    The last FIDE World champion who is still participating Ruslan Ponomariov does not take a lot of attention. Without any “noise” he is winning one game for another and he is first from 16th chess players who will play in ¼ of the tournament. Recent years, when Ruslan was mainly mentioned in news, dedicated to derangement of a match against Kasparov, were dark years for Ruslan. So Ruslan has put some light in it.    Read more...

    12.12.2005   Round 5. Tie-break. Photo report

    Please find the photos from the 3rd day of play in the 5th round.    Read more...

    12.12.2005   Ilia Smirin: ''It is hard to change anything in me at my age''

    The Israeli chess player left the tournament with a light heart. ''I didn’t make it'' – that was a short a comment of Smirin for his match against Kamsky. A habit to perceive a success easy and accept misfortunes is visiting card of Iiea. You cannot forbid a man to live easy.


    12.12.2005   Joel Lautier: I am the one who says goodbye, but never leaves

    French Joel Lautier is one of the strongest chess players in the World. Besides that he is the head of the Association of Chess Professionals. At the press conference he made a sensation announcement that he was going to leave chess in recent time and do some more interesting and important things.


    12.12.2005   Round 5. Game 2. Photo Report.

    Please find the photos from the 2nd day of the 5th round of the World Chess Cup    Read more...

    10.12.2005   Florencio Campomanes: We don`t want to leave Khanty - Mansiysk!

    FIDE Honorary President Florencio Campomanes visited museums of Khanty-Mansiysk where he learned history of the region, traditions of the indigenous peoples of North.


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