World Chess Cup 2005
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    16.12.2005   Final Round. Game 2. Photo report

    Please find the photos from the second day of the final round.    Read more...

    16.12.2005   Tourist Ugra

    The World Cup participants live in the complex of Wellness hotel «Yugorskaya dolina». It is surrounded by forest and situated next to Irtysh River. Fascinating nature intrigues and wakes an interest to Ugra land. Especially for our guests where are some tourist trips, which you can choose right in the hotel. The saturation of the program depends on free time of the players.    Read more...

    15.12.2005   The legend of the world sport is a guest of the World Cup

    The chairperson of Russian society «Sporty Russia», a three times figure skating Olympic Champion Irina Rodnina came into Khanty-Mansiysk for the 75th anniversary of Ugra. She visited an Art Center for gifted children of North, where the World Cup is being held at the moment.    Read more...

    15.12.2005   Final Round. Day 1. Photo report.

    Please find the photos from the 1st day of the final round.    Read more...

    15.12.2005   Round 6. Tie-break. Photo report

    Please find the photos from the 3rd day of games in the 6th round.    Read more...

    15.12.2005   Etienne Bacrot: I don’t want my son to play chess

    This 23 years old guy tries not to be separate from the crowd. He is always very shy and thoughtful. Always, but at the chess board you shouldn’t wait for a mercy from him. And when you look how Bacrot without any effects beat strong players, it seems to you that he doesn’t have any weaknesses.    Read more...

    14.12.2005   Sergei Rublevskiy: I haven’t deserved to leave a tournament yet

    For many years Rublevsky is in a number of the leading chess players of Russia and the World. But he didn’t have any success at previous World Championships. He explained it by the fact knockout tournaments don’t fit his style of game. It seems that the World Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk will make Sergei change his opinion. He is among top-16 of tournament now.


    14.12.2005   Uriy Shulman: I didn`t think about win, I was just playing

    A former citizen of Minsk Yuri Shulman now lives in Chicago. He scared the favourites of the World Cup. Not very impressive GM sent home such participants as Vadim Zvjagensev, Alexander Khalifman and he was the only man who was playing tie-breaks against Alexander Grischuk. But there wasn’t the 3rd miracle and charming Shulman is going home to teach children...


    14.12.2005   Round 6. Game 2. Photo report

    Please find the photos from the second day of games in the 6th round.    Read more...

    14.12.2005   Evgeny Bareev: Carlsen will make it hot for us

    There have been gossips that Bareev is going to give up his chess career for one and a half year already: they say he doesn’t get invitations to strong tournaments, he doesn’t have motivation and also he is rather old. But his results of last half year show that he has chess youth now. There was a victory at Russian Championship in Kazan, he got “+5” at World Team Championship in Beer-Sheba, and here Evgeny moved forward very well. Only Ponomariov stopped him.


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