World Chess Cup 2005
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    09.12.2005   Alexander Motylev: I want to improve my chess when I am 30

    A year ago after super final of the Russian championship Kasparov said that Motylev represent the future of Russian chess. Alexander begun that tournament not very good, but at the end he was winning almost all matches and he successfully played against Garry Kimovich. This year didnít prove and didnít denied masterís resume: A man from Yekaterinburg mixed his victories with his misfortunes. He was expected to play good at the World Cup, but he lost after the second round.


    09.12.2005   Alexei Shirov: I am not the most talented already

    One more high-rating player is leaving a tournament. He has lost to an ex-soviet, Turkish player Michael Gurevich.


    09.12.2005   Warm reception by Mayor Valeriy Sudeikin

    Solemn reception of Khanty-Mansiysk`s Mayor Valeriy Sudeikin took place 5 of December. Participants, World Chess Cup organizers and representatives of the World Chess Federation were honored at that reception.


    09.12.2005   Ugra is a land of the future!

    On the 10th of December 2005 Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug will celebrate its anniversary - 75 years since establishment. Square: 534.8 thousand km. Population: 1480.6 thousand people. Ugra consists of 14 towns of Okrug subordination, 2 towns of district subordination, 9 districts. Administrative centre is Khanty-Mansiysk.


    09.12.2005   Henrick Carlsen: This town is fantastic!

    Norwegian star Magnus Carlsen won one by one all his opponents on the World Chess Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk. Between games he goes skiing on the local tracks.


    08.12.2005   Viorel Bologan: We have to save the best we have!

    Moldovian chess player Viorel Bologan is a unique person in a chess world. He is famous not only as a strong chess player, but also as an organizer, a social person who advertisements chess! Bologan was always a sociable person, his fast leaving the World Cup didnít influence this fact. Maybe just a little... Perhaps at that moment he was thinking about future tournaments.


    08.12.2005   Round 4. Game 2. Photo report

    please find the photos from the 2nd game of the 4th round.    Read more...

    07.12.2005   Murtaz Kazgaleev: Radjabov didnít impress me.

    The Kazakh chess player participated at this kind of tournament for the first time. Nevertheless he was playing great, and he might become the sensation of the second round.


    07.12.2005   Levon Aronian: Friends call me a cheap tactician!

    Armenian GM, Levon Aronian, is one of the greatest players on the World Cup, together with Carlsen is the most interesting figure for everybody. But if all follows the games of 15-years old Norwegian with surprise and admiration - for how long will he go on Ė the Aronianís successes are not surprising for anybody for a long time. During the last year Levon came into the first World ten top and is not going to stop on it. The same is in Khanty- Mansiysk Ė he won first five games and only the sixth was played draw. Aronian who easily agreed to take part in a conference charmed the public with his sincere answers and laugh...


    07.12.2005   Loek van Wely: ďSometimes I prefer to calmnessĒ

    Holland is represented by many brilliant GMs and even by the World Champion Eiwe. But nowadays one of the strongest is the player who has never had ambitions of a Champion. It seems that Loek Van Wely always plays for his own pleasure. But every year he becomes stronger and more experienced

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