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    28.11.2005   Round 1 Game 1 Photo Report

    Please see photos from the 1st game of the 1st round.    Read more...

    27.11.2005   Opening Ceremony Photo Report

    The Opening ceremony of the World Chess Cup 2005 took place yesterday at 20:30 (+5 GMT).    Read more...


    To the participants and guests of the World Chess Cup

    Dear participants and guests of the World Chess Cup 2005!
    Dear ladies and gentlemen!

    On behalf of the leadership of the World Chess Federation and its Presidential Board I would like to express our cordial sincere greetings to the participants, guests, media representatives in the hospitable land of Yugra! This beautiful region possesses very rich gifts from the God. It is also known as the Oil and Gas capital of Russia. But it is mostly rich in its talented and hard working people who live in this land and make it more and more beautiful. In my capacity as President of one of the largest international sports federations, it is a real pleasure for me to realize that today we are inaugurating a new gravity center on the worlds chess map. For the coming couple of weeks Yugra will become a chess capital of the world for the millions of people from all the continents.

    17.11.2005   Download Round 1 Pairings List and Pairings Tree

    Download Round 1 pairings list.
    Download Pairings Tree for Rounds 1 to 7.
    Download the list of average rating for July 2004 - January 2005.
    Download List of Participants
    Download Regulations for the World Championship Cycle 2005-07   

    17.11.2005   Information about the Town

    Time difference between Moscow and Khanty-Mansiysk: 2 hours
    Geographic latitude: 6100
    Geographic longitude: 6901
    Khanty-Mansiysk is a capital of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug. This nice and comfortable town, situated in taiga, reminds of Scandinavian resorts.
    The town is situated in the Western Siberia, on Irtysh river (a port), only 15 km. away from a fall of Irtysh into Ob, 264 km west of railway station Pyt-Yah, 1076 km. north-east ofTyumen, 2759 km. north-east of Moscow. It is situated on seven treed hills and is very attractive for tourists.

    The weather forecast in Khanty-Mansiysk during The World Chess Cup 2005 is expected -13 -15. Detailed information you can find on the Web site


    17.11.2005   Transport

    Read transport details. Air company offices, ticket cost.   

    10.11.2005   Urgent information for mass media

    Urgent information for mass media All foreign journalists who would like to visit the World Chess Cup have to hand in an application for visa and mass media to Executive Direction of Organizing Committee. Deadline is 15.11.2005. . Otherwise problems may arise with getting visa.    Read more...

    08.11.2005   Attention:Urgent Information

    Kindly urgently inform the Organizing Committee on your preference of the flights to Khanty-Mansiysk.
    Moscow (Vnukovo)- Khanty-Mansiysk:

    25 November - flight 353 departure at 10.15 (Moscow time) 52 seats
    25 November flight 351 departure at 20.05 (Moscow time) 52 seats (fully booked)
    26 November flight 353 departure at 10.15 (Moscow time) 64 seats

    24.10.2005   World Cup Undertaking and Updated Regulations

    FIDE is announcing the updated regulations for the World Chess Championship cycle 2005-2007, as approved by the FIDE Presidential Board meeting in San Luis. These updates were made after taking into consideration the proposals of the participants in the World Championship Tournament and the recent discussions of FIDE with ACP.

    Download Regulations for the World Championship Cycle 2005-07 in pdf format.

    Download Player`s Undertaking for the World Cup 2005 in pdf format.


    24.10.2005   Updated List of qualifiers and reserves.

    In accordance with the regulations, place of GM Veselin Topalov of BUL among semi-finalists of the Tripoli Championship is given to the Number one in the reserve players` list - GM Nigel Short of ENG. Also see the qualifiers from Asia. Reserve players from Americas and Asia will be published at a later date. The full list with the pairings will be announced on 24 November 2005. Go to Players page    Read more...

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